For many people, being overweight is more of an issue about their appearance. Being overweight is a big health problem and medical concern. Overweight people are not as healthy as what others think. They are at risk of diseases that can definitely affect a person’s body and kill. An overweight person can also suffer from diseases like Arthritis, Sleep Apnea, Asthma, Gallstones, Fatty Liver and depression. Yes, depression is a disease which you will see with obese people whose confidence is missing. Not only the heart will get affected but also any part of your body, even single cell can develop a disease which makes your whole body affected.

More often, people don’t really understand that being overweight increases the risks having diseases. People should be aware about their weight and what it should be according to their height and age. Being overweight can also cause joint pains, bad sleeping habits, energy level and moodiness. To avoid getting those kinds of disease and many more, there are only two simple steps; regular exercise and good eating habits. When people spend a lot of time eating foods high in calories, rather than getting themselves into physical activities, the unburned fats will remain in their body which causes them to gain fat. Its not bad to eat calories but you have to burn it to avoid gaining excess weight and to prevent having diseases.

weight loss pyramid

If you are a busy person and you eat a lot, you should give time for your body to burn fat for at least an hour. It’s the easiest way to stop being overweight and lose weight. Make sure to take a walk every morning for about thirty minutes and another thirty minutes of other physical activities. You can see joggers and bikers every morning that have physically fit body and they can eat more calories as long as they burn it. If you are a busy person, and you can’t spend an hour that is not involved with your work, you can do simple ways to atleast burn fat without wasting your precious time. If your office is near your house, leave your car and walk to your office or use bike to stretch your muscles and burn fats on it.

Park your car far from your office and use stairs instead of elevator. If you think it will take up too much time, you should get up a bit earlier so that you don’t look haggard when you get to your office. An overweight person will not manage to do this everyday because their body is too heavy to exercise. But what would you choose, to stay overweight and have diseases or give the time to lose weight and stay at a healthy weight? Slowly change your daily routine and your eating habits. At first, you will find it hard to continue, but once you feel and see that there are big changes, you will want to continue doing it.