Not all people are familiar with metabolic syndrome and how is it related to obesity as well. It is a group of health risks caused by obesity that affects more people particularly for diabetes and coronary heart disease. How should you know if you are experiencing metabolic syndrome and obesity? Health scientists recommended everyone to monitor the size of the waistline so you would know if you need to lose or to gain weight. Women with 35 inches waistline and up and men with waistline 40 inches and up can be considered obese. When you realize that you are almost getting to that size, encourage your mind and yourself to start to lose weight before it’s too late.

metabolic syndrome

If you are obese, you can tell that you are undergoing metabolic syndrome by studying some results of your medical examinations such as high triglycerides, your good cholesterol has low level count, blood pressure and blood sugar are both high. Why does metabolic syndrome consist of those? Obesity is caused by over eating unhealthy foods. When you are taking medications to treat high triglycerides, high blood sugar and high blood pressure which are all caused by overeating, then you are prone to this type of syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is related to obesity because of the physical inactivity, genetics, insulin resistance, old age and abdominal obesity.

Being overweight is high at risk factor in getting metabolic syndrome because it lowers good cholesterol, while raising the level of blood sugar, high blood pressure and triglycerides that continues to contribute in insulin resistance. How is abdominal obesity related? Because of the unwanted fats around the waist, it increases the risk factor in getting metabolic syndrome. The very best thing you should do is to lose weight. Even if you already have metabolic syndrome, you can lessen the risks by reducing also your weight. There are hundreds of ways to lose weight and to maintain having proper weight for your age.

People diagnosed having metabolic syndrome are advised to eat fruits and vegetables every morning, after a 30 minutes of walk with seconds of run, proper balance diet, daily routine exercise and fresh milk and fruits. They are more recommended to drink juices which are high in fiber to detoxify chemicals that accumulated in the body. A regular check up, proper intake of vitamins and other recommended drugs will also be a big help to lessen the metabolic syndrome. Once you already lose weight you won’t have hard time to do other things you needed to do to live longer. When you try all those simple steps, the probability of your body to acquire diabetes, coronary heart disease and other health problems will be minimal. When people are diagnosed to have a curable disease, they get too sensitive about the food they eat, about the people they socialize with and about their surroundings. But, before they are diagnosed to have those health issues, are they careful and aware of acquiring that? Some people are too negligent or some does not even care at all as long as they enjoy their lifestyle regardless of the consequences thereafter.