Few people would even consider it but horseradish is one vegetable that can be quite powerful in terms of weight loss. This relative of the mustard is famous as a condiment yet only a few people know that it is one of the most nutritious vegetables around. It won’t match vegetables like cabbage or lettuce for their negative calorie qualities but more than matches them in nutrition. One teaspoon contains a day’s worth of the nutrients you need. If you eat more of it, you would not need to worry too much since it has no fats or calories. It can also take the place of other fatty dressings so it helps us cut back on our fat intake yet also allows us to enjoy flavorful food.

One of the great secrets of horseradish is the ability of this vegetable to help in weight loss by helping curb obesity. It cleans the colon and enables our digestive tract to absorb more nutrients. You wouldn’t be burdened with feeling bloated or any other uncomfortable stomach condition. It also protects your stomach since it can kill bacteria that are present in the food you eat. Dieters benefit from this since they are eating more raw food and the risk of them getting infected with E.coli and other similar bacteria is greater. It also helps in making the liver healthier and increases its ability to detoxify. Dieters need to be careful not just about the loss of pounds but the ability of the body to repair and clean itself once you get to your weight or health target. It also has carbohydrates but only a small amount.

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If that weren’t enough, just take a look at the other nutrients that this vegetable contains. It has an unbelievably high amount of vitamin C. Everybody knows that the body needs an incredible amount of vitamin c so that it can repair itself and fight against infection. Some body processes can’t even function properly if it lacks this vitamin. Horseradish is a good vegetable to include in your weight loss plan since it only needs to be taken in small amounts yet its benefits make it seem as if you were consuming a large quantity of food. Remember though that it cannot be the sole food in your weight loss plan but rather a very powerful helper. It is also a good diuretic as well. So you not only get to clean the inside of the stomach but remove excess water from it as well.

There are many ways to incorporate horseradish in your food. If you like shrimp cocktail sauces then just take some horseradish and catsup and mix. Use it in your sandwiches or serve them as a dip to complement your meat dishes. The horseradish sauce that you know is simply horseradish and vinegar. But even if it’s simple, it complements the dish you mix it with particularly fish and meat dishes. It is also a great ingredient when added to soup. A few thin slices will do. You may even mix it with salad. Its tangy taste makes it a perfect condiment. Where else can you find a condiment that is so nutritious that it’s like you’re taking multivitamins with every dip or spoonful. The horseradish can have some adverse effects on the stomach especially if you have ulcers but other than that, it is one great addition to your weight loss menu.