Weight loss is a reduction of unwanted or excess body mass caused by over eating and poor habit or unhealthy lifestyle with lack of exercising. Weight loss can be an intentional, unintentional, therapeutic order or crash dieting. But most of the time, weight loss is most commonly related to having diseases which destroy other tissues that causes it which only means unintentional or therapeutic. Unintentional loss of weight happens for those who had serious kinds of diseases such as AIDS, Cancer, Cardiac Disease and numerous kinds of other diseases. HIV can totally reduce weight simply but worst because it corrupts the metabolism of a person affected by it and make a human’s body easily prone to more diseases because of the damaged immune system. It is easy to lose weight intentionally than to accept that you are losing weight caused by your disease.

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Unintentional weight loss are caused by common diseases like Neurologic disease, pulmonary disease, Cardiac disease, and AIDS, Cancer, and Gastrointestinal diseases. Once people get any kind of those diseases, even if they are eating too much, they still lose weight because of the abnormalities. Intentional weight loss, happens when a person really works hard to lose weight. That person is commanding his mind to watch and control eating habits, and to perform regular exercises which can burn fats. Sometimes, intentional weight loss is not good for our body. You can easily be lead to depression, boredom, stress, alcoholism and cigarette smoking. Many cases of intentional weight loss cause bad results to those living an unhealthy lifestyle. Others succeed though, because they have full determination to lose weight by living a healthy lifestyle.

Therapeutic weight loss is more likely related to unintentional weight loss. Once a person is diagnosed with a disease like high blood pressure, they are advised to lose weight. An exercise every morning, fruits and vegetables, less fats and sugary foods and lots of water are the proper way to lose weight naturally. Commonly, people at ages 40 and up are advised to undergo therapeutic weight loss to avoid having disease which occurs at their age. Food and drinks with fiber are recommended to perform regular bowel movement to detoxify all the chemicals in our body. If a person really needs to lose weight with a short period of time, doctors recommend dietary supplements and drugs which are safe and effective to avoid unexpected diseases.

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Crash dieting which is also known as strict dieting simply means twelve hours straight without food except water. This kind of weight loss is mostly used by the teenagers who want to lose weight or just they don’t want to gain weight. They don’t feel hungry because they are making themselves busy hanging out with their friends, doing school activities and on the bad side, taking vices like smoking and alcohol intake. Crash dieting can cause diseases which concern the internal organs needing energy that can only be obtained in eating healthy foods. Since there are varieties of weight loss programs, you cannot be sure which one you have to undergo. Just be responsible enough in following the rules and steps if you would pursue ways to lose weight. A healthy living leads to a longer life.